Josune is back 

Josune is my best friend and my soul mentor.

All her belowed sayings are just like the breeze against the 38degree temperature.

“Be patient and have trust

Wait untill you feel really sure inside

The only perfection is a mix of Freedom + Trust

Time will give you all answers

Please only look inside and see if you feel peace or doubts,Only that

Remember this, Liz:

You will not have any problem to find new and new bf. Untill you really feel that your searching time has finished. Untill that moment comes, simply relax, enjoy, be honest to yourself and also to your bf

Everything will be fine. Only please, do not hurry up”

We are apart with the ocean, the await for your back was long.Good morning and Good night.Forever.








Blindness of love test 

In a relationship, the body will feel uncomfortable if the other side did something not as proposed or not acceptable. 
Then, people tend to do love test to see the how real the love is.

People are likely to do consideration based on the test result.

Whatever whenever however, the result is obvious, the other side is probably serious or just a game player.

Either result, the security is losing and absolutely not the smart way for trust recovery. 

Worse of it, indirectly delivering the other side the same amount of insecurity.

                                     * * *

True love is faithfulness,equality,respect,care,any shape of positive behavior or altitude.

True love is making the body feeling joyful all the time. 

                                    * * *

Love test has nothing to do with the true love. True love doesn’t deserve any test. 

Rosy Days with you. 

“Life is like a box of chocolates.You never know what you’re gonna get until you open it up” as said in Forrest Gump.

Love is like firework. Two people burst into each other’s heart and make each other’s life rosy as the colorful beautiful firework.

I am so lucky and happy to see the world from your eyes and graceful for your effort to making my day rosy.